Being a successful player on the market requires clear, target-oriented communication: only those who master the art of transporting their message in way that is easy to understand and using the right channels will reach and convince their potential clients.»

At Lubecom it is our business to advise and support SME’s, larger enterprises, and associations, etc. You will benefit from our many years of experience and our extensive network.

Lubecom AG


Lubecom operates mylittlebaby.ch, the Swiss online shop offering articles for babies and small children, gift ideas and high-quality toys. Do you have a product designed for young families and would you be interested in working with us? Then it’s time for us to meet.

If your company produces/sells beauty or bodycare products or any other articles of interest to drugstores and pharmacies, we invite you to contact us. There may be the chance of building up a corresponding sales team in collaboration with other partners.

Further sales channels and market penetration activities are being planned.



Many years of experience in sales, marketing and management form the basis of our consulting services – coupled with the knowledge that nothing is written in stone; that both flexibility and a sharp, forward-looking view is essential. We will help you to develop visionary but realistic concepts and put them into practice.

A concept likely to bring results relies on (1) an attractive, motivating target with scheduled milestones, (2) analysing relevant fields together, (3) evaluating a range of proposed solutions, (4) your decision for the most meaningful solution and (5) putting this solution into action.

We recommend working with Lubecom for:

  • Sales concepts
  • Marketing concepts
  • Writing copy
  • Analysing staff capacity
  • Market research (obtaining information from accessible sources or through surveys)
  • Management on demand


Successful promotion activities are based on a clear idea of the customer group in sight. If you let us know to whom your product or service is directed, we can help you to develop and produce promotional activities specifically aimed at this group.

Lubecom has the means to personalise addresses with particular features and use them for mailshots, sampling, etc. This also enables special interest groups to be targeted. Initial efforts focus on the teenager target group.



Business administrator HWV, market researcher, marketing specialist, sales executive, corporate developer, and manager: after almost 30 years as CEO and owner of a promotions company operating throughout Switzerland with approx. 150 full-time and part-time employees (sales across the whole of Switzerland) it is now time to share my expertise and experience.

In building Lubecom AG, I have created the opportunity to dedicate more of my time to new projects. Lubecom was founded in 1990 and trades in a range of goods that includes gift articles. It now also offers consulting services for marketing and sales (in association with other partners) as well as various promotion services.

I would be happy to meet you for an initial discussion.

Lukas Wey

Managing Director Lubecom AG

Porträt Foto Lukas Wey